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Many users on WhatsApp hide their last seen activity due to privacy or some other reasons. Sometimes you are too desperate to check your friend’s or girlfriend/boyfriend’s or even your spouse’s WhatsApp last seen activity on your phone to know if they are ignoring you, but you can’t do anything only because they have hidden last seen on WhatsApp. But in case you want to check their last seen WhatsApp status even if hidden, read our guide below to check hidden last seen on WhatsApp.

We will show you a way that will freak the crap out of it. Something that will blow your mind. Now you can check last seen activity of anyone’s WhatsApp using an app called WhatsDog [Available on Android Only]. Those who will install this app can actually see when the person came online and will track the people even if their WhatsApp last seen is hidden. Not only it will show you the last seen but also notify you when exactly the person came online on the notification bar. It also logs all the online and offline activity and stores in a calendar format. You’ve got a perfect weapon to grab anyone who lies to you or making you a fool.

How to check hidden last seen on WhatsApp?

Step 1:

Open WhatsDog, tap on the big Start button. You’ll be asked to select a contact or enter a WhatsApp number. choose the number you want to spy on and hit continue. If you face an connection error try again.

Step 2:

Not so soon, you won’t be able to see the last seen activity as soon as you add a number. Once the person you have added comes online, the app immediately triggers the notifications.


You can see all the activity inside the app when the person every time comes online, and when he/she has gone offline on WhatsApp. You can use the calendar to track them down. You can also check how much the person is addicted to WhatsApp and how many minutes of WhatsApp usage is done.



Step 3:

To add or change a new number, go to settings icon in the app, swipe up and select ‘Delete info’, the app will simply start from the step 1. Repeat the steps to change the number. You can only use one WhatsApp number at a time.


One of the issues we found here is that you can’t check multiple people’s WhatApp online status at the same time. Also, the app has a huge advertisement popup that will annoy you very often. If you still can’t use the contact number, check the contact number you have entered. Also, check if the person has disabled their WhatsApp.

Download WhatsDog APK

WhatsDog APK version 4.5.7

WhatsDog APK version 4.5.8

WhatsDog isn’t available on Google Play Store as of now.

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Hope you found this guide to check hidden last seen on WhatsApp useful. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments section below. For more tutorials, check out our How to Guides.