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Super Mario Run v3.0.6 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

It has been for years that Super Mario is so popular that even today there is the Super Mario Run 3.0.10 (4232) APK latest version released officially by Nintendo. Well, one question to ask is whether this game will be as popular as the classic game or not, right? A really interesting thing is the fact that with the release of Android, Super Mario has not really changed over various platforms. This game features an automatically running Mario so that it could either be a good thing or bad thing for some players. Aside from being released on Android, it also comes to iOS.
Super Mario APK

Table of Contents

  • Super Mario Run File Information
  • Download Super Mario Run
  • Super Mario Run review
  • ChangeLog
  • Older Versions

Super Mario Run File Information

Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Version: 3.0.10 (4232)
File size: 70.2 MB
Uploaded: April 24, 2018 at 12:37PM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.2 and up
MD5: 69e66fa7e7c0f13942ddedcb10b2886d
SHA1: 5ee123619004e64e56d36f165317f875add81c22

Download Super Mario Run APK 3.0.10

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Super Mario Run review

So, this game is really a Super Mario game originated from years ago. As it has been mentioned earlier on, Mario will run automatically so that players will only need to focus on doing his signature springy leap as seen in its old game. That is one change in this game that surprisingly not really affecting it in a bad way. Over the courses of the game players can tap to do a quick hop, hold it a bit longer for a giant jump, ping off walls to go higher in zigzag movement, as well as spring off in enemies’ head, as well as stall in mid air to control the descent later on.

That is a slightly different formula to understand in which the game remains to be a fun game to play. In short, this latest version of this game is a kind of speed-runner game with only tapping and holding the button at the right time to get to the finish. Moreover the stages within this game have been designed properly by the designers to make sure that they look pretty awesome. The stages really match the fluidity of the game as well as the speed of it which is really fast for sure.

So, these are the main things about this new game from Nintendo within the pros and cons in general:


  • A game that is fun to play just as the old game
  • Graphical aspects of the entire game, especially the stages have been improved a lot better
  • Control interface is simple which is good for mobile gaming


  • Replay ability remains at the low level once it has been done and dusted
  • Learning each one of 24 levels is needed to really master it which could take time

How to Play

Despite of the fact that it is a simple game, it can be done better when knowing some of the tricks. Basically timing is everything when pressing the button to allow Mario to hop. It takes time to learn the perfect time so be sure to try out any possibility when playing a level. Do not try to be perfect on the first try since that may be hard. The feel, fluidity, depth, and imagination are all there in this game that does not need such high effort to really enjoy it from the very first time playing.